Aluminium Strip for Fin Radiator


Product Description
The aluminium strip is mainly used for finned radiator. Finned radiator is a widely used heat-exchange equipment in the heat transfer of gas and liquid. It enhances heat transfer by the installation of the fins on the base pipe. Pipes like steel pipes, stainless steel tube and brass can be used as base pipe. Strips like steel strip, stainless steel strip, copper strip and aluminium strip can be used as fin. However, the aluminium strip is the most common used product because of its good thermal conductivity. As to fin structures, it can be divided into winding fin, cluster fin,welding fin, rolling fin, etc. And the most popular one is steel-aluminium finned tube which is composited on a dedicated machine through steel pipe pressure resistance and the thermal conductivity of aluminium. In addition, there is almost no thermal resistance on the 210℃ working condition, having much better performance than that of other finned tube radiator.

The dedicated aluminium strip materials
Alloy: 10600, thickness: 0.3-5.0mm, Heng Hao finned radiator aluminium strip has high flatness and small width tolerance.

Description of Heng Hao finned radiator aluminium strip
Width: 10-1500mm
Thickness: 0.2mm-3mm
We adopt high purity aluminium as raw material, with aluminium content reaching 99.6%.

Application: Fin radiators.
Packaging: Paper packaging or fumigation-free packaging.
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