Aluminium Tread Sheet/Plate-5 Bar Pattern

Product Description
The aluminium tread sheet also called anti-skid pattern aluminium plate which is mainly applied to the ground or working platform for skid resistance. This product can be easily found in tread applications such as warehouse floor in ships, compartment floor in vehicles, etc.

There are 4 alloy types available,1060, 3003, 5052 and 5083

Aluminium Tread Plate-5052
Aluminium tread plate-5052 is a representative of the non-slip aluminum plate products. It is a good product widely used in ships, vehicles and work platforms.

1. It belongs to aluminum alloy, has higher hardness than similar kinds(including aluminum-magnesium alloy Aluminium tread plate-5754).
2. High tensile strength.
3. Strong corrosion resistance, good rust-proof effect, since not less than 2.5% magnesium alloy is added to the product. So that it can be well adapted to high-strength and high corrosion conditions.

Anti-slip aluminum plates produced by Heng Hao have good processing properties and excellent hardness, which is widely used in the work platforms, ships, vehicles, buildings, and so on, especially, used for load-bearing. This product adopts 5 bar pattern, which is beautiful to the eyes, on the other has the function of rust-proof and anti-slip. The aluminium tread plate executes national standard GB/T 3618-2006, can well meet the needs of non-slip aluminum plate performance for the pattern aluminium sheet-6061.
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